Vjosa Wild River National Park
Discover the wild jewel of Europe.

Vjosa at a glance

400 km

of untamed waterway




cultural monuments


UNESCO Cultural World Heritage site


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Experience the park

A place to explore, discover, and unwind, Vjosa Wild River National Park is vast. The park offers its visitors beautiful canyons, braided river sections, and meandering stretches. The joy of its wonder lies beyond first glance -  from the peaceful solitude of days on the river to the hidden habitats of vital creatures. Visitors to Vjosa can raft in its meandering waters, hike and camp in its lush forests, or climb and swim in its impressive canyons. The massive network of the Vjosa riversystem with more than 400 km of waterways invite you to discover one of the last wild rivers in Europe.

The first phase of the Vjosa Wild River National Park will be operational by early 2024.


Vjosa's rich environment includes a wide variety of life, all of whom are essential to the ecosystem of the waterway. Playful otters, microscopic organisms, and the threatened Egyptian vulture are just some of the fauna that make Vjosa their home. Within its geography are 13 animal species and two plant species assessed as globally threatened by IUCN, making this region an important site for a thriving habitat. Balancing nature and human nature, this Wild River National Park offers tranquility to all creatures.

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